John Wootton Integration Services

JWI provides sophisticated PLC development through the use of a proven functional device library that can be implemented in any Allen Bradley PLC hardware that is programmed using RSLogix 5000. The library makes use of a modular approach that provides versatility during the development and implementation phase. This improves efficiency and allows for additional functionality to be incorporated out of the box.

The modular approach used for the PLC device and control logic translates directly to the implementation of device control and instrument alarm configuration at the SCADA level. Each device type defined in the PLC has a corresponding device control faceplate that contains all user interface and control commands. The end result is a SCADA application with a consistent look and feel from the PLC to SCADA since the structure of all devices, no matter what equipment is being controlled is fundamentally the same.

Professional Services provided by JWI:

Instrumentation and controls design
Process System control strategies authoring
PLC network architecture design
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) network architecture design and configuration
Radio network communication protocols and implementation
Process and Instrumentation AutoCAD drawing production
SCADA product assessment and selection, architecture design and implementation
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) software programming and testing
Development of software control procedures to ensure reliable operations
Auditing of existing SCADA system architecture and hardware
Existing SCADA system architecture and hardware troubleshooting and optimization
SCADA system upgrades
PLC/SCADA training and support services

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